Monster Burger On Offer in Perth Restaurant

perth burger restaurant

If you are a follower of reality TV, you may be aware of the eating challenges regularly undertaken showcasing the battle between mans stomach, and outrageous menu items.  A local Perth restaurant has entered the fray in no uncertain terms by unleashing a monstrous 3.5kg masoko burger challenge.

It’s understood the challenge has not been successfully undertaken at the time of writing, however there is no shortage of challengers willing to give it a crack.

There are eating challenges and then there is this supersized challenge at a restaurant in Vic Park which could be the mother of them all.

Ka’ribbean Corner is challenging brave diners to chow down on the biggest Caribbean-style masoko burger “the world has ever seen” on Wednesday.

The burger features 1.2kg of beef, but once you toss in the cheese, salad, some crispy slaw and a few secret sauces the meal tips the scales at a whopping 3.5kg.

The behemoth of a burger will set you back $49 and also comes with a side of chips, if you’re still feeling a little peckish after a few kilos of food.

The only probably is, diners with iron clad stomachs have just 40 minutes to complete the epic food challenge.

Ka’ribbean Corner owner Ruddy Douta was confident no one would demolish the towering burger.

“There is only one rule. You have 40 minutes to eat it, but I don’t think anyone will get through it,” he said.

Mr Douta said he had one tip for diners tackling the mountain of beef: eat slowly.

“People think eating fast is the way to go, but you have to eat it slowly,” he said.

“And take your time when you are swallowing as well.”

If somehow a diner does manage to down the mammoth meal, the person won’t have to pay for their burger and they will also win a meal for two for good measure.

But after woofing down half a small cow, your next meal is probably the last thing on your mind.

Mr Douta said so far six daredevil diners had signed up for the challenge, but he’s expecting a few more to brave the burger on the day.

And, for those who don’t feel like eating their yearly intact of meat in one sitting, then they can munch down on the mini-masoko burger while watching the competitors tackle the main challenge.

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