Cakeage Fee Causes Fierce Debate

Perth restaurant cakeage issue

Is Your Restaurant Justified To Charge For Cakeage?

A local Perth restaurant has ignited debate over its decision to charge patrons a fee known as “cakeage” for cutting up a serving cakes that patrons bring with them to the restaurant.  There are two very clear sides to the debate, with justification for morale victory being found on both sides.  From the perspective of the business owner, generally the opportunity to buy a cake on premesis exists, and as such a byo cake situation decreases revenue for the business.  Added to this, is the fact that there are costs incurred in serving the cake by way of staff time to do the cutting and serving, not to mention the wear and tear on crockery and utensils (plates will get broken, cutlery will get lost or stolen), and finally the cost to wash the dishes. Continue reading

Perths New Elizabeth Quay Restaurant Delight

perth restaurant elizabeth quay

WHEN a cafe pushes itself to produce restaurant-quality fare, it’s an impressive surprise. When a flash new restaurant serves tricked-up cafe food priced at the higher end of the scale, it’s a bit of a letdown. And as much as I want to fall in love with Isle of Voyage, that’s the impression I’m left with.

Isle opened five weeks ago atop the man-made island in Elizabeth Quay. Maybe there are just too many seats — 250, with half outside — to deliver some wow factor. Or maybe the surrounds dictate the restaurant’s vibe. Continue reading